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With over 100 years of experience, we are a family-owned company currently in its 4th generation. Sampedro stands as the oldest home textile manufacturer , operating under the same name since its foundation. Situated in a small village called Lordelo, within the city of Guimarães, we currently export to 34 different countries across 5 continents.

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Every year our design team develops a new collection with our most recent ideas and trends. Typically, our clients fall in love with it at first sight and do not require any alterations. However, we also offer the flexibility to modify or recolor any design, and even produce custom designs tailored to the client's preferences. At times, we collaborate with our clients' mood boards, endeavoring to identify products from our extensive collection that align with their inspirations. In the rare instance where such alignment isn't feasible, we will then embark on developing new designs in an effort to meet the client's desired solution.

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Table Cloth

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Terry Towels and Bathrobes



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Experience luxury and elegance with our high-quality textile products, crafted with care and attention to detail.

Craft the Finnest Yarn

The process begins with an idea, an inspiration, a dream! Whether it's from our design team or the client's. This is where we conceptualize the product!

Quality Control Standards

We start with the finest yarn and carefully craft it into our high-quality products within our own facilities. By handling every aspect of production in-house, we maintain strict quality control standards to ensure the best possible products.

Manufacturing Process

Approximately 10% of our staff is directly allocated to quality control. All fabric is inspected multiple times before being shipped.


for the planet
Sustainability Card 1


Carboon footprint:

- 200,73%

CO2 Emitions


Sustainability Card 2


Water savings:


Liters of water


Sustainability Card 3


Green Energy Production

120,3 GWh

Photovoltaic Energy


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SAMPEDRO dresses up in new luxury hotel
SAMPEDRO dresses up in new luxury hotel

The textiles for the bedrooms, bathrooms, spa and table at The Lince Santa Clara Historic Hotel & SPA, a new five-star hotel in Vila do Conde, bear the signature of the century-old company.

Centenary SAMPEDRO Installs Biomass Plant
Centenary SAMPEDRO Installs Biomass Plant

Towards environmental sustainability and with an investment of over two million euros, Sampedro has installed a biomass plant which, together with other measures, will reduce the company's carbon footprint by 65% in the long term. The decarbonization process will be adapted in stages.

SAMPEDRO Home Textiles Renovates Factory Store and Expands Offer
SAMPEDRO Home Textiles Renovates Factory Store and Expands Offer

Sampedro's home textiles retail space has been remodeled, with a contemporary industrial design concept and a wider store layout.

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Opinion of our clients

Customer Testimonials

Malin Oveissi Smids
What do you like the most working with us?

"The feeling that we really have a partnership with them and the knowledge they have about materials and fabrics, weaving and production process. We also largely appreciate their sustainability work and that they are always well ahead in that field. And above all – the amazing best in class quality we have on the products from Sampedro."

What is your client’s feedback regarding our products?

"Lexington's clients come to us for our superior quality in our bedding. We are the leading premium brand in Scandinavia when it comes to bedding and we have a very loyal customer that returns year after year to buy our products. They love both our quality, our design and the fact that our products last for a lifetime."

Your opinion regarding our design, quality, fastness in response, Moq's and delivery times.

"We are always very happy and satisfied with all of the above and are looking forward to many years more of working together."

Malin Oveissi Smids

Head of Production and Design at Lexington Company

What is your opinion about Sampedro?

"I have been cooperating with Sampedro, a home textile supplier of excellence, where an impeccable craftsmanship meets an exquisite taste.  Each detail, from the yarns to the final finishing is an expression of precision and timeless quality. Working with Sampedro’s team is always stimulating and the study of the tailor made collections allows me to offer my clients continuously innovative and exclusive products.  Sampedro is one of the most reliable business partners in the world of home textiles, with whom it is possible to build a long lasting and durable relationship, made of constant commitment, quick solutions and feedback and a sincere smile ( which does not hurt!)."


Giorgia Lucchetti, Product Manager of Coin

Gilberto Rodrigues
What made you choose to work with Sampedro?

"We chose to partner with Sampedro due to their wide selection of quality products and their capability to provide tailored solutions that align with our objectives. Sampedro proved to be a reliable partner providing an extensive range of textile products for our hotel needs, including bedding, table linens, spa essentials, pool items, bathrobes, and slippers."

Which is your feedback regarding our communication, design, quality, responsiveness, MOQs, and delivery times?

"Sampedro perfectly understood our objectives. After a few meetings, they presented us with customized proposals that met our expectations. We couldn't be happier with the quality of their products! We encountered no issues regarding minimum order quantities, and they delivered the products exactly on the requested date, without any delay."

How would you describe Hotel The Lince Santa Clara?

"The Lince Santa Clara is a 5-star hotel, inaugurated in 2024, in a historic building in the city of Vila do Conde, dating back the 14th century. . Our aim was to introduce a distinct concept to our guests, one distinguished by its elegance and meticulous attention to detail. With 87 rooms, including 11 suites offering views of the river, sea, and city, the hotel also aims to provide unique experiences for our guests. They can enjoy, for example, a meal at our restaurant, featuring the signature cuisine of Chef Vitor Matos, recently honored with two Michelin stars. Alternatively, guests can indulge in our wellness center, named Aqueduct Wellness & Spa, where meditation and yoga sessions are available."

Gilberto Rodrigues

Director of The Lince Santa Clara Historic Hotel

News & Events

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have many questions, especially if you're starting your own brand.
In this section, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. However, don't hesitate to contact our sales department for any further clarification.

Are you able to accommodate private brand or label requests?

Yes, most of our production is dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of our customers' private labels or brands.

Do you offer a catalog and price list?

We operate on a custom-made basis, aligning with each client's unique specifications. As a result, we do not maintain a standard price list.

What types of packaging do you provide?

We offer a wide range of packaging options without limitations. Our team is dedicated to accommodating your specific requirements. Typically, we provide PP plastic bags with inserts. However, in alignment with sustainability efforts, we also offer packaging solutions completely devoid of plastic materials.

What information is required to receive a quotation?

For an accurate quotation, we require the following details: fabric quality, precise measurements (in centimeters or inches), desired finishing options, sewing details/construction requirements, estimated quantities and packaging preferences or requirements.

What types of materials and products do you manufacture?

We can produce items in various materials like 100% Linen, 100% Cotton, and blends like Linen/Cotton and Polyester/Cotton. We also work with unique materials such as Bamboo and Hemp to meet specific needs.

Which trade fairs do you participate in?

Heimtextil Frankfurt in January, New York Market Week in March and September and Guimarães Fashion Week in May and September.

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Work With Us