Bed Linen

We see the bed as our sanctuary! We believe that the softness and comfort of our products transport our customers to a safe place where they can rest, release daily stress, and dream of a better future.

We develop articles in multiple compositions, including cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, tencel, and silk. Our capabilities extend to manufacturing products that are 100% composed of any of these fibers, as well as blends that incorporate combinations of them. We can accommodate any size and customization.

Within our extensive range of articles, you will find:

Plain: both in classic finish and stonewash (for a more relaxed and modern look).
Printed: In conventional rotary printing as well as digital Printing.
Yarn Dyed: Both dobby and Jacquard designs.

We never stop seeking the most sustainable fibers, and we also offer articles made from recycled fibers. We are pioneers in manufacturing 100% linen articles, with which we started our company in 1921.

Clients who experienced the Legacy of Portugal's Oldest Textile Factory