Centenary SAMPEDRO Installs Biomass Plant

Towards environmental sustainability and with an investment of over two million euros, Sampedro has installed a biomass plant which, together with other measures, will reduce the company's carbon footprint by 65% in the long term. The decarbonization process will be adapted in stages.

Centenary SAMPEDRO Installs Biomass Plant

This adaptation will not only be marked by the installation of a biomass plant, but also "by the implementation of a heat exchange system, which replaces the direct burning of gas with water vapor, in all machines where this is possible," explained Simão Moreira Gomes, CEO of Sampedro, in a statement.

With high energy consumption, mainly due to the need for thermal energy which is indispensable at various stages of the production process, the investment in biomass is also related to the current ecological crisis, which means that companies must radically reduce their impact on the environment.

The financial return will take around 12 years, but - once the changes to the energy supply system are complete - "Sampedro's carbon footprint could be reduced by between 65% and 68.7%", the CEO points out.

The 102-year-old home textiles company in Lordelo is thus entering a new phase in its corporate history, where reducing its ecological footprint and successive decarbonization are paramount.
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