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ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

Certification of quality management systems of the company. ISO 9001 certification helps the companies to develop and improve its behaviour, and allows the organization:

– To be more efficient;

– Follow all rules and legal requirements;

-Reach new markets;

-Identify and solve issues.

OEKO-TEX® classe I

OEKO-TEX® class I

This certifications allows us to improve the quality of the products, ensuring that no harmful substances to the human health are used on our products.

Certificação GOTS


O GOTS garante o status orgânico de tecidos, das matérias-primas por meio de uma fabricação ambiental e socialmente responsável até a rotulação para oferecer garantias confiáveis ao consumidor. O processo abrange o fabrico, a embalagem, a rotulação, o comércio e a distribuição.


Sedex Member

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade)

SMETA is an audit through an independent entity that ensures that our organization follows all the international parameters regarding social responsibility, environment, hygiene and safety.

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)

BCI is a non-profit global organization and the biggest sustainability program in the world. It focus on sustainability and social responsibility, a platform that unites producers, manufacturers and clients. BCI’s objective is to improve the cotton production around the world, and make it better for the environment, ensuring the future of the sector.

PME líder ʼ20

PME líder ʼ20

Since 2008, the company has stood out as a model of success in business development, successively receiving the PME Líder award. This distinction, which SAMPEDRO has received for 13 consecutive years, is a public recognition of the success and adopted business strategies, as well as the importance of our contribution to the national economy. This award proves that there is great stability in the company’s management policies and assures banks, suppliers, and the State of the continuity of our mission. It also conveys confidence to customers as their orders are not at risk of not being sent due to financial issues or to a lack of suppliers.