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The investment and investment in a cogeneration plant for the production of own thermal energy, which translates into savings of around 750.000 m3 of gas per year, and in a photovoltaic plant for own consumption of 250kw, which produces clean energy, which represents a a 7,6% decrease in energy consumption reflects the brand's commitment and commitment to the environment.


The concern with the environment and the well-being of the consumer has guaranteed the company the international certification Oeko-tex Standard 100, an international certification system for raw materials and products in the textile sector whose objective is to achieve products free of harmful substances for human health.

Sampedro bets on eco-friendly fibers and has strengthened its collections with the introduction of sustainable fibers such as hemp, tow, lyocell and bamboo. It increased the production of linen by more than 47%, this being the most ecological fiber of all, and guaranteed, in all sections, the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate.

Sustainability is a must!

Technology at the service of reducing the ecological footprint will be a continuous bet.

The implementation of photovoltaic panels, investment in machinery in the production process that significantly reduce water and gas consumption and the introduction of energy recovery systems are successful bets for the brand and the guarantee that we are ensuring future sustainability of the company in all areas.


Photovoltaic Park

The quality laboratory is present in all stages of the textile process, although it is not, by itself, part of it. It exists alongside production with the purpose of assuring and controlling the quality of materials and processes through physical and chemical tests.