Our history

Founded in 1921, Sampedro is a leading textile company both nationally and internationally, and one of the largest manufacturers of textiles for the home and hotel sectors.

Our range includes products for the bedroom, dining room and bathroom, all with a common feature: the recognised quality of more than 100 YEARS of experience.

Through the best raw materials, exclusive designs, and knowledge that dates back generations, Sampedro was able to produce high quality textiles that are responsible for creating long-lasting relationships and close partnerships with their customers.

Using their own lines or private label products, our team always finds innovative solutions to meet all requirements.

Sampedro is certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I.

How it all began

The best raw materials, the exclusive design
and knowledge passed down generations.
That is how it all began.

It was in 1921 when university professor Dr. Álvaro Machado, his brother-in-law Luís Eugénio D' Oliveira Braga (representing the Firm “Fonseca, Braga & Cia Lda”) and José Ribeiro Machado, important merchants in the city of Porto, decided to dedicate to the textile industry which, by this time, was already driving the region of Guimarães.

This management remained during the installation of the company and construction of the building, and in 1923, the effective management was under the responsibility of Dr. Paulo Alves at the Porto office and Mr. Eduardo Rodrigues Machado at the headquarters in Lordelo.

Their culture for high quality, along with a part of idealism and romanticism, would permanently create the values and identity of the Sampedro brand.

To this day, this heritage remains strongly rooted in the culture of the company that began its activity as a manufacturer of linen fabrics, essentially dedicated, at the time, to the manufacture of sheets and tablecloths. Only later did Sampedro expand its offer to cotton, polyester/cotton and terry products.

It was the first company, in Portugal, to produce linen cloth in checkered, striped and printed. Since then, the product, which quickly confirmed itself as a great commercial and sales success, has brought the brand, along with other product lines, recognition that persists to this day.

After 100 years of existence and 4 generations later, Sampedro’s bed linen continues to be its strongest brand image and its most iconic product.

At this moment, using the most advanced textile technology, carefully selected raw materials, and supported by a team of experts, Sampedro is involved in the entire production process from design and development, weaving preparation, weaving, bleaching, dyeing and printing, to finishing, sewing and packaging.

Today, Sampedro is a benchmark in textile production at national level and is recognised as a trusted brand in the international markets it exports to.

Sampedro Timeline

The idea was born

Professor Álvaro Machado, acclaimed Principal Lecturer at the University of Porto, was the main figure in the development of Sampedro’s business project. The Professor then brought two prominent merchants from the city of Porto to be his associates: Luis Eugenio Braga, his brother-in-law (representing the company “Fonseca, Braga & Cia Lda.”), and José Ribeiro Machado.

This Management remained during the installation of the company and the building’s construction, and in 1923 the effective management became the manager Dr. Paulo Alves in Porto’s office, and Mr. Eduardo Rodrigues Machado in the factory in Lordelo.

  • 28 Jan, 1921
    Deed of the Foundation and establishment of Empresa Industrial Sampedro, Lda
  • Feb, 1921
    Request for construction of the building
  • Dec, 1921
    Request for instalment of an electric energy production unit (Poncelet’s wheel).
  • 1922
    Establishment of the first manual looms and construction of the building for mechanical weaving, and installation of the mechanical looms.
  • 1923
    Instalment of the second hydraulic wheel in Rio Vizela.
  • 07 Jan, 1923
    Office rented in Rua de Belmonte number 12, 2nd floor – Porto. The headquarters of the company remained in Lordelo.
  • Oct 22, 1924
    Regulation amendments. Office on the Rua de Belmonte number 12.
  • 10 Mar 1927,
    Official request to install electric energy.
  • 14 Feb, 1931
    Industrial Conditioning.
  • 1932
    Combustion engine installed, coupled to the hydraulic wheels.
  • 17 Apr, 1935
    Offices changed to Rua dos Cléricos, number 44, first floor.
  • 18 Mar 1946,
    Construction of the building aimed for social compliances (sanitary installations, workshops and cafeteria)
  • 04 Jan, 1960
    Joining the EFTA (European Free Trade Association).
  • 1960
    Year of high-volume investments on the factory.
  • 1961
    Financing requested to Caixa Nacional de crédito, in order to modernize and better equip the factory.
  • 01 Apr, 1962
    Floods of the Vizela River, causing the total flooding of the weaving plant along the river. The 60's were marked by large investments.
  • January 1967
    Beginning of the term of José Machado
  • 1971
    50 Years of Sampedro.
  • Decade of 70
    New loans requested to the bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos. The investments on the factory continue.
  • 1973/1974
    Oil crisis. World economy slows down.
  • Apr, 1974
    Acquisition of a 53.000 square meter terrain for water sourcing.
  • 1980/1990
    There is an imminent necessity of investment on all the sections of the company. It was decided to acquire new machinery, focusing on innovation investments for the weaving department. Sulzer looms were installed, as well as several machines equipped to work with, at least, a 320cm width.
  • 31 Mar 1986,
    The proposal of transformation into LLC (Limited Liability company) was rejected.
  • Decade of 90
    The weaving department is renovated again with projectile technology on the looms. Machines for Pad batch dyeing were also acquired, as well as new buildings for fabric inspection, expedition warehouse, sewing, and a new laboratory for quality-control. Auxiliary sections were also renovated.
  • 30 Mar 1995,
    Implementation of an Electric Energy Production Unit.
  • 1996
    75th year anniversary.
  • 2000/2010
    New building for the weaving department. Reinvestment and expansion on several sections of the factory. New weaving preparation section, which included a new warper. Expansion of the dyeing and finishing section with a new senge, a dyeing foulard, new jets, a new washing machine, a stenter with 8 fields, and a tumbler. The warehouse for finished fabric was expanded, and an investment was made on an industrial laundry.
  • Oct 02, 2000
    A new company is established, a PLC (Private limited company) called Sampedro2 – Confeções e Serviços, S.A..
  • Dec, 2000
    Transformation of Empresa Industrial Sampedro, Lda. in PLC (Private limited company), under the name of Empresa Industrial Sampedro, S.A..
  • 2008
    Global Financial Crisis.
  • 2010/2020
    All the Sulzer projectile looms were replaced with Itema’s rapier technology. New sectional warper, sizing machine, and digital printing machine. Jacquard looms were replaced with new ones from Staubli. Photovoltaic park and industrial energy recovery. Renovation of 12.000 square meters of the old buildings, and new buildings were constructed with an area of 3.000 square meters. Water collection improved. New terrains acquired.
  • March 2013
    Beginning of the term of Paulo Machado and end of the term of José Machado
  • March 2017
    Beginning of the term of Simão Gomes and end of the term of Paulo Machado
  • 2020
    World crisis due to a Pandemic.
  • Centenary
    Sampedro Centenary

“Long has been the path taken since more than 100 years ago a group of people undertook a small project, which gained momentum and continued to develop.
We are proud of the work that we have inherited and that we have helped to consolidate and we refer, with some vanity, to the fidelity maintained since its beginnings:
The commitment to satisfy the most demanding customer.”

José Eduardo Machado

“An untold legacy. An unrestrained pride in what we've built.
There are 100 years of stories and stories from many people, marked by obstacles and challenges that prepared us for what we are today.
We are a company recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of its products, seriousness, transparency and credibility in conducting business.
We are a company with investment capacity and with a solid position in international markets, we currently export to 36 countries, which shows that we are on the right path. We are a company that generates business and wealth for the country, which privileges the small customer and personalized sales over mass sales. And, most important of all, we are a company that creates and values ​​employment.”

Simão Moreira Gomes

What we do

Using the most advanced textile technology, carefully selected raw materials, and supported by a team of experts, Sampedro is involved in the entire production process from design and development, weaving preparation, weaving, bleaching, dyeing and printing, to finishing, sewing and packaging.

Our company produces all kinds of plain items, Jacquard and Dobby weaves, in different colours, white and yarn dyed. The manufacturing range includes all kinds of single and twisted yarns, in all weights per square metre and in various compositions.

Among other things, the company develops specialised products in

– 100% linen;

- 100% cotton;

– mixed linen and cotton;

– mixed polyester and cotton;

– Tencel, Bamboo and Hemp

all of which, are guaranteed to withstand heavy use and go through the toughest washing tests.

One of Sampedro’ s key competitive advantages is the fact we are a one-stop shop offering bedding products, bath products and tableware which enables our customers to have access to a complete, across-the-board service for all their needs and requirements. Our customers can be found across the world, some of whom are renowned textile brands for the home, as well as the most prestigious hotels for which Sampedro designs, produces and sells a whole range of textiles for the bedroom, bathroom, and table.

The possibilities for combining different products, patterns and materials are endless.

Our certifications

Our commitment to quality leads us to constantly seek out the most modern production processes.
Check out our certifications.


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Productive Innovation - 32768

2017/2019 Qualification Strategy

Technological Modernization and Strengthening of Business Training – 11545

Internationalization Strategy – 2018-2020: Strengthening Sampedro's positioning in foreign markets – 41702

Strengthening productive capacity, technological innovation and digital transformation


Our commitment to quality leads us to constantly seek the most modern production processes, for this reason the company is certified with the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Since 2008, the company stands out as a successful model in business development, successively receiving the SME Leader award.

Systems Certification
SME Leader 2018