Aerial view of premises SAMPEDRO

About us

Founded in 1921, Sampedro is a leading textile company both nationally and internationally, and one of the largest manufacturers of textiles for the home and hotel sectors.

Aerial view of premises SAMPEDRO

About US


Our range includes products for the bedroom, dining room and bathroom and all with a common feature: the recognised quality of more than nine decades of experience.

Making use of the best raw materials, exclusive design and knowledge that dates back generations has enabled the company to produce high quality textiles that are responsible for creating long-lasting relationships and close partnerships with customers.
Using their own lines or private label products, the Sampedro team always finds innovative solutions to meet all requirements.

Sampedro is certified by the ISO 9001:2000 and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Quality Management Systems.

What we do

Using the most advanced textile technology, carefully selected raw materials, and supported by a team of experts, Sampedro is involved in the entire production process from design and development, weaving preparation, weaving, bleaching, dyeing and printing, to finishing and making up.

What we do


The company produces all kinds of plain items, Jacquard and Dobby weaves, in different colours, white and yarn-dyed. The manufacturing range includes all kinds of single and twisted yarns, in all weights per square metre and in various compositions.

Among other things, the company develops specialised products in
100% cotton;
polyester and cotton;
100% linen;
mixed linen and cotton;
all of which, are guaranteed to withstand heavy use and the toughest washing tests.
One of Sampedro’s key competitive advantages is the fact we are a one-stop shop offering bedding products, bath products and tableware which enables our customers to have access to a complete, across-the-board service for all their needs and requirements. Our customers can be found across the world, some of whom are renowned textile brands for the home, as well as the most prestigious hotels for which Sampedro designs, produces and sells a whole range of textiles for the bedroom, bathroom and table.

The possibilities for combining different products, patterns and materials are endless.

"It’s been a long road since more than 90 years ago a group of people started up a small project that gained momentum and has continued to evolve and expand ever since. We’re proud of the work we have inherited and which we have helped to consolidate. We are also proud to say that we have retained the loyalty of long-term customers who have been with us since the beginning with our promise to satisfy even the most demanding clients”.

José Eduardo Machado

CEO Sampedro SGPS

How it all began

The best raw materials, exclusive design and knowledge passed down the generations. That’s how it all began.

Dr. Álvaro Machado
Eduardo Machado
Luís Eugénio Braga

How it all began


It was in 1921 that university lecturer Dr. Álvaro Machado, his brother, former militia officer Eduardo Rodrigues Machado, and Luís Eugénio D' Oliveira Braga, a merchant in Porto, decided to go into the textile industry which at that time was booming in the region of Guimarães in Northern Portugal. Their culture of demanding high quality, along with a measure of idealism and romanticism, would permanently create the values and identity of the Sampedro brand.

This legacy still remains deeply rooted in the culture of the company which began its commercial life as a manufacturer of linen fabrics, at that time mostly involved in making sheets and towels. Only later Sampedro did expand its range to products made of cotton, polyester/cotton and terry towelling.

Sampedro was the first company in Portugal to produce checked, striped and printed fabrics. Ever since that time the product, which quickly became a great business and sales success, has brought to the brand, together with other product lines, the recognition it enjoys to this day.

90 years of existence and 3 generations later, Sampedro bedding is still the company's strongest brand image and most iconic product.

Today through the use of the most advanced textile technology, carefully selected raw materials, and supported by a team of creative experts, Sampedro is involved in the entire production process from design and development, weaving preparation, weaving, bleaching, dyeing and printing, to finishing and making up.

Today, Sampedro is a benchmark in textile production at national level, and is recognised as a trusted brand in the international markets it exports to.


Our commitment to quality leads us to constantly seek out the most modern production processes which is why the company is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System standard.


Since 2008, the company has stood out as a successful business development model receiving the SME Leader award again and again.


Our concern for the environment and the well-being of our customers led to the company receiving the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 international certification, which is an international certification system for raw materials and textile products whose goal is to achieve products that are free from substances harmful to human health.

Group companies

We have a Cogeneration facility (Sampedro Energia), which provides steam and hot water, producing 4.4 MW/H of energy to the national power grid


Rua São Pedro, 227
4815-176 Lordelo GMR
Guimarães - Portugal

Tel. +351 252 820 800
Fax +351 252 820 801
GPS N 41°22'8.77" W 8°22'49.75"

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